Do we supplement or complement our diet? In this age of using products to make up for the deficiencies in our diet due to poor farming practices, or the short and dark days of winter, we all need help making up for the lack of nutrients in our food or in our diets.

During the winter, using supplements to boost the immune system can aid in surviving the winter blues, and seasonal colds. We spend much more time indoors, in close proximity to others and therefore are more susceptible to viruses; a healthy immune system becomes vital.

We all know the benefits of vitamin C when we are sick however, other vitamins and minerals can be even more effective. Vitamin D, vital for overall health, is a powerful immune health booster. A deficiency in this nutrient leads to a host of health issues, making healthy blood levels of vitamin D critical to overall good health. The winter months can reduce our vitamin D levels. Vitamin D3 spray, available now on our website, is an easy way to maintain appropriate blood levels and keep your immune system strong. Additionally, sprays have a higher rate of absorbency than caplets.

The other important nutrient for boosting immunity is zinc. A trace mineral, zinc plays an important role in immune system health, reducing susceptibility to infections, and helping to fight off the cold and flu.  Some studies have shown it can even reduce the duration of the virus. Zinc also helps healing wounds. Foods high in zinc include oysters, shellfish, red meat, spinach, mushrooms, and pumpkin seeds. If you do fall victim to the cold or flu virus, increase your zinc intake for the duration of your virus. Zinc may cause stomach distress in some, so when supplementing, take it after a meal. A spray with a zinc and Vitamin C combination is also available from our website.

A plant source found to aid the immune system is olive leaf extract. Though the extract is available as a caplet, it is also available in a liquid tincture form, which we prefer, and can be found at your local health food store. Mix with water and drink. .

Last but not least, probiotics. We often forget that the digestive system is a large part of our immune system. Keeping the intestines healthy goes a long way to keeping your immune system healthy. They are also helpful if you ever suffer from digestive distress. Probiotics should be a regular part of your daily regimen! Viragard is also a great anti-microbial source made from natural herbs for cleansing and keeping the GI tract healthy.

To your good health!