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Embracing the wellness movement

Our mission takes a holistic approach to each individual’s specific needs.

We believe given the right tools of exercise, functional training, and holistic nutrition, your body will find the perfect balance between health and fitness.

Group training, personal training, and nutrition consulting are some of the tools used by BodyZenBalance℠, leading towards achieving your ultimate goals.

Group classes held at private studio in Campbell.


Owner, Adrienne Robinson, MA

Exercise Specialist and Holistic Nutrition Counselor
Adrienne is a personal trainer, nutrition educator, and group exercise instructor. She started in the fitness industry in 1982 as an aerobics instructor and over the years has evolved into leading people through their personal journey towards fitness and wellness. She has a master’s degree in exercise physiology from SJSU and is certified in her field through ACSM and ACE professional associations in the fitness industry. She is a certified nutrition educator through Bauman College School of Holistic Nutrition and a certified yoga and Pilates teacher.

Adrienne believes in providing a healthy balance in one’s life between physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Enjoy the journey!



Co-founder, Dr. Frank Dooley, DC

Chiropractor and Functional Nutrition Specialist
Frank is a doctor of chiropractic and co-founder of BodyZenBalance and principal of Campbell Wellness Center. He is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, California. Frank believes the body, given the right tools, can heal itself. He fell in love with the idea of working with his hands to help other people reach their full potential in health, wellness, as well as fitness. Look for his blogs on wellness care.


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