As a nutritional counselor I practice holistic nutrition
to help you achieve a balanced relationship with food.

Discover how a balanced diet can help with the following:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Blood sugar regulation
  3. Improving intestinal issues
  4. Immune boosting

(1) 60-minute session: $175. Includes nutrition evaluation, 1hour consultation, 2 follow up phone calls.

Follow-up visits: 50 minutes; $125

A LA CARTE SERVICES-$150 per hour

Kitchen Pantry Make-over

In depth evaluation of current pantry items and recommendations of replacement foods that will take your available nutrition to the next level. Includes cupboards and refrigerator.

Grocery Shopping

A guided field trip to your grocery store. Learn how to read labels and avoid shopping pitfalls.

Dining Out Field Trips

Learn how to order off a menu without sabotaging your hard work.