Being more health conscious is a huge issue in today’s society where the obesity rate is on a rise. Yet the economy isn’t getting better quickly enough and people still struggle to pay their bills, let alone have money to feed their family healthy meals. The obesity rate gets higher because processed, fatty foods are cheap and easy to make. Don’t let that stop you from buying healthy meals for you and your family! Here are ways to eat healthy on a budget.

Watch What You Eat

The first step is to sit down and examine what you eat on a daily basis. Start a food diary for a week and write down every mean you have for 7 days. Then go back through the diary and see what how bad, or good, your eating habits are.

Get Rid Of the Bad

Throw away the junk food in your home. Eating healthier becomes easier when you don’t have the temptation of potato chips or something equally unhealthy in your cupboard.

Go To the Source

Now that you’ve cleared up space in your kitchen, fill it with fresh vegetables, fruits, and protein. Head to your closest farmer’s market and get a lot for a little. Check the dates of when the markets are available. Some markets are available every day while others are only held once a month. Farmer’s markets are affordable and you know the produce is locally farmed.

Bend The Dirty Dozen Rule

The Dirty Dozen list has circulated for years but, as people are becoming more and more health conscious, it’s becoming the rule to live by when shopping at the supermarket. While it’s a good list to shop by, if you can’t afford an organic item on the list, there’s no need to worry about it. Just make sure to clean it properly before eating with a mix of one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and make sure you spritz the produce well. Then rinse it clean with water and dry. It’s more important to buy organic protein, i.e. grass fed beef and free range chicken.

Invest In Your Health Today to Prevent Sickness in the Future

If you still think eating healthy, organic foods are too expensive for you, think of it this way: wouldn’t you rather invest in a healthier diet today to prevent illness and doctor visits in the future? You may have to make some sacrifices to afford fresh fruits and vegetables and organic protein. Analyze where your money goes on a weekly basis. Do you eat out at restaurants every week? How much do you spend on processed foods? Cut back on eating out and eliminate bad foods. Use that money saved and make the health of you and your family a priority.

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