Vitamin D, which is really a hormone, is now a hot topic under discussion and investigation. Most of us have low levels of vitamin D in our blood. Low Vitamin D can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, flu, and more.  Click here to learn more about the symptoms and health risks of Vitamin D deficiency.

Some studies show that Vitamin D can also help with weight loss.  I discovered the article below in Men’s Health that explains why, and includes other benefits of boosting your D.

Get your Vitamin D levels checked regularly.  And spend a little time in the sun!  30-60 minutes is needed, depending on your skin tone.

Feed Your Fat Burner

By Alisa Bowman, Men’  Posted Date: August 3, 2011

Could a common nutrient be the antidote to an overweight America? Explore the surprising benefits of a vitamin that’s hiding in plain sight.

It was supposed to be a routine study.

At the University of Minnesota 2 years ago, Shalamar Sibley, M.D., was examining how calorie reduction might affect hormone pathways. On a hunch, she decided to test one more variable: vitamin D. “Researchers have been tracking the relationship between low vitamin D and obesity,” says Dr. Sibley. “So I wondered if people’s baseline vitamin D levels would predict their ability to lose weight when cutting calories.”

Her hunch paid off—big time. People with adequate vitamin D levels at the start of the study tended to lose more weight than those with low levels, even though everyone reduced their calorie intake equally. In fact, even a minuscule increase in a key D precursor caused the study participants to incinerate an additional half pound of flab.   Read more…