The Christmas season is here. That means parties, food, family, food, presents, and more food (sugar cookies, anyone?) As you enjoy all those Christmas goodies, keep one very important supplement nearby- Enzymes. These magic tablets help digest all the yummy foods you consume this holiday. There are three types of enzymes: metabolic, digestive, and food enzymes. This holiday, I want to focus on the digestive and food enzymes since those are the ones you’ll need the most help with this holiday season.

Every living thing contains enzymes- including plants and animals. Unfortunately, plants and animals are no longer being given the proper nutrients necessary for optimal health. Some foods also lose enzymes when they are cooked. As a result, when we consume them, we don’t get all the proteins necessary to facilitate enzyme production which means they can’t properly break down compounds like starch. That’s where the importance of taking enzyme supplements comes in to play. Enzymes are the chemical enablers that break down food and other chemical reactions in the body. In addition to breaking down compounds, they also synthesize others. There are more than 2,000 enzymes and each has a specific function. They regulate almost all the chemical reactions in living matter such as our immune system, digestive tract, production of free radicals and deactivation of cell-damaging free radicals. The key to enzymes production success lies in lowering the ‘activation energy, the speed in which the reaction occurs. Enzymes weaken the chemical bonds faster. Faster reaction time means no indigestion after washing down five cookies with a glass of eggnog. Make sure to fill up on an equal amount of healthy foods with the fattening ones. Fruits, like papaya, have natural enzymes to help with digestion.

While enzyme supplements can be found at most health food stores, it’s best to research the brands that offer them. Harmony Health Services is an online store that offers supplements that fit every body’s needs, including the enzymes you will need to survive this Christmas with a happy stomach. For a full list of what they have to offer, click here.





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