Privacy Policy

BodyZenBalance operates a public website: and social media sites. The purpose of the sites is to inform visitors of nutrition and fitness services and innovations. Online Policies and Procedures Visitors to the website have the option to provide their name and email address to receive occasional newsletters. BodyZenBalance does not collect personally identifiable information from web or social media site visitors without their express permission by opting in to our email list, signing up to participate in classes, commenting, or sharing on social media. Personally identifiable information that is collected through these methods is held by BodyZenBalance, and is not shared with third parties. Online Tracking BodyZenBalance uses the “WP DoNotTrack” plugin to stop third party tracking code and cookies on our site. This protects BodyZenBalance and our website visitors that have their browsers configured to opt out of tracking. Analytics BodyZenBalance generally tracks visitor behavior on the website using Google Analytics, but the data does not identify personal information. We also review visitor behavior statistics available through our Facebook fanpage. As with all personal information provided to BodyZenBalance, none of the analytical data is shared with third parties. BodyZenBalance only uses the data to enhance visitor experience by providing more of the type of posts and information that our viewers find of interest. This policy addresses consumer rights relating to the collection of personally identifiable information under the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA). If you have questions or concerns about BodyZenBalance’s policies or procedures, please contact owner Adrienne Robinson.